Just eat a sandwich already!

‘They’—they meaning people without active eating disorders (or the actively disordered in denial)—always say ‘just eat a fucking sandwich’ to people with eating issues.  Which sparks outrage—etc., it’s not about the food, blah.


That said, I woke up this morning feeling panicked and overwhelmed and after a cinnamon raisin bagel I feel remarkably calmer.


From a good bagel shop, too—don’t know exact calorie count.  A year and a half ago, that would have freaked me out, and before that, would have been unthinkable.  Conversely, in my days of overeating only a bag of bagels would have satiated me, mentally, not physically, then I would have tried to purge or simply ate nothing else for the day, and that would have been a good excuse to do nothing.


Got lots to do today, though.  And sometimes one does need the ‘sandwich’—of course there are other issues, which makes it tempting to starve and focus on food again, so that food again becomes the problem, and salvation is provided by a 55 cent bagel.


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